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Sybil's Pregnant!

I'm so excited that Sybil's pregnant! It's really so exciting! I'm so happy for her and Branson. I wonder if we'll see the baby, but seeing as Sybil and Branson are back this series, we almost definately will, since she'll probably give birth at Downton. Cora wants to see the baby, but Robert wasn't convinced. I hope he'll come round while Sybil's there.

I still sort of wonder why Sybil didn't want Mary and Edith to know to be honest. It's not as if she doesn't trust them, she trusted them not to tell Robert and Cora about her and Branson. Still, we'll probably find out in this series.

I'd also be really interested to find out what gender you think the baby will be and any potential names. Comment and let me know!

Only a couple of hours to go!!!

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