• Markwill89

    I just wanted to clear up titles and forms of address in Downton Abbey for those who may not be up to scratch. I read a post earlier assuming baron and baronet were the same thing, so best to clear it up.

    The highest noble title, I am excluding royalty, is Duke. We have met only one Duke in Downton Abbey, the Duke of Crowborough in Season 1. A Duke should always be addressed as Your Grace formally, or 'Duke' socially. For example, You should never address the Duke of Westminster as Lord Westminster.

    The second highest title is Marquess. We have met at least one of these in Downton, namely the Marquess of Flintshire, who is styled Lord Flintshire. If you ever meet a Marquess, he should be addressed as Lord 'Title' (I.e. You would address the …

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