The purpose of this post is to show that not all members of the Wikia community, or this Wikia in particular, endorse it's support for the UN Global Goals agenda, nor can membership here be considered either consent or approval. My forum post on thus topic is included below.

I just want to express my disappointment that a fan site for a TV show has chosen to endorse a political initiative. I do not think it should be doing that regardless of objective, however this one is particularly heinous. I also do not think the forums of this wikia are the appropriate venue for unrelated political discussions, but since it is endorsing this initiative it then becomes related.

Global Goals, otherwise known as the UN 2030 Agenda, has the true objective of a Socialist takeover of every nation on the planet, hidden behind feel good language. No government or supra governmental organization such as the UN can give anything to anyone that it has not first stolen from someone else. Further, the poor are not poor because the affluent are not sufficiently generous, they are poor because they are unable to protect their own property from theft, be it from roaming militias or from their own government.

Socialism was responsible for the deaths of several hundred million people in the last century. It is an ideology predicated on the power to steal. It boggles the mind how anyone can think that something that must be initiated by immoral and violent acts can have any positive outcome. I would note that the word "freedom" never appears anywhere in Global Goals.

Suffice it to say, not every member here agrees with the endorsement of this initiative.

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