Barring the odd bit of china dropped in surprise, ornaments broken in a rage and a room-engulfing blaze, life at Downton Abbey doesn’t really take too much of a toll on the house. While life for the inhabitants might be stressful and full of all the drama that interwar living brings, the building itself passes each series relatively unscathed – a good job with all those valuables inside.

Watching our favourite aristocrats live around all that luxury each week got us thinking – with all those jewels, ornaments and priceless artworks just lying around, the Earl’s home insurance premium must be sky-high, surely?

After watching and rewatching as much Downton as we could (just for research purposes, honest…), we’ve counted the diamonds, tallied up the antiques and estimated how much the premium really would be:

Af2766 Downton abbey-01

All that time watching Downton and totting up valuables got us thinking about the other famous fictional families and homes that we love. We’ve put together a list of our top 10 fictional homes and how much it would cost to insure them – head over to view the full list.

While you might not live in quite the same luxury as the Crawleys (not yet at least), Adrian Flux can offer you home and contents insurance too. Whether you live in a country manor or a bedsit flat, visit today for more information about your home insurance.

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