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Unnamed son of John and Anna Bates

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N.N. Bates
Placeholder person
Biographical information
Born 31 December 1925
Downton Abbey, Yorkshire, England
Physical information
Family information
Immediate John Bates (father)
Anna Bates (mother)

Mrs Bates (paternal grandmother) †
Mr Smith (maternal grandfather) †
Mrs Smith (maternal grandmother)
Unnamed maternal aunt
Unnamed maternal step-grandfather

N.N. Bates is the first son of Anna and John Bates. He was born in the 31st December 1925.


While Anna was waiting on Lady Mary in the Queen Caroline Bedroom, Anna's water suddenly broke. Lady Mary insisted that Anna not be moved, despite the fact that it was highly irregular.

Notes Edit

  • He was born on the same day Lady Edith Crawley married Herbert "Bertie" Pelham, the Marquess of Hexham.

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