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Timothy Drewe
Biographical information
Marital status Married
Residence Yew Tree Farm, Yorkshire, England
Title(s) Tim (nickname)
Physical information
Gender M
Hair colour Dark
Eye colour Dark
Family information
Family Mr Drewe (father)
Mrs Drewe (mother)
Margie Drewe (wife)
Three children
Marigold (foster-daughter)
Occupation Tenant pig farmer
Loyalty Lord Grantham
Crawley family
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Andrew Scarborough

Timothy "Tim" Drewe is the son of a recently-deceased local tenant at Downton. His family has been tenants, according to Lord Grantham, on the estate since the reign of King George III.



Mary Crawley and Tom Branson decide it is best to foreclose the lease on the Drewe family farm, Yew Tree, because the late Mr Drewe has not been paying the rent for a long time, an idea Robert is not very keen on.

However, Drewe tells Lord Grantham at his father's funeral that he wishes to take up the tenancy and farm the land. When told that the case has been settled and nothing can be done, Drewe insists he was not aware of his father's debts and succeeds in persuading Robert to at least consider other options for him by citing his family's long history as tenants at Downton.

Unfortunately Drewe is unable to pay the entire rent, but by again bringing up his family's long "partership" with Downton Abbey, Robert decides to lend him the rest of the money. He leaves out this fact when announcing Drewe is staying on, insisting "If we don't respect the past, we'll find it harder to build a future." Isobel applauds Robert for his wish to be "partners" with the farmers.

Mary, at Robert's suggestion, tells Drewe he will be staying on, at which he lets slip her father lent him the rest of the money to cover his father's debt. She herself decides not to confront her father, citing to Tom that if her father felt so strongly about Drewe to loan him the money, then he is a very decent man.

By the time Downton enters a new venture, pig farming, Drewe seems to be doing quite well. Drewe is offered and accepts responsibility for all of Downton's pigs. Evelyn Napier makes an unpleasant remark about Drewe, to which Edith defends him.

Edith, pregnant with the child of her lover Michael Gregson, considers giving the child to Drewe. But her aunt Roasamund cites reasons for this idea being too risky: Drewe might talk, and suspicion might arise if Edith is seen at the farm too much or if the child greatly resembles her.


Edith cannot bear being apart from her daughter, so she decides to approach Drewe. At first, she does not fully explain the situation, but Drewe figures it out and agrees to keep her secret. He plans to make up a story about the child's origins so not even his wife will know.

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