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Sarah Bunting is a bitch

  • I can't stand her and she is so annoying why could Mr. Bates get her run over too? Jesus Christ!

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    • She was no rapist like Green, so I don't see why she should die. And she also was the one, who would give Daisy the encouragement to get educated.

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    • Sarah may have been ungracious to nobility (while acknowledging Sybil's virtues to Tom), she was kind and encouraging to Daisy.

      I can think of a number of other characters I would rather have seen die opposed to her, including Edna Braithwaite, Larry Grey, Nanny West, Stowell, and Lady Flintshire to name a few.

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    • why? because she had a opinion? we must consider that just one of the dresses of Mary, Edith or Cora could be easily 1 year of Daisy´s salary, the Crawleys were practically people who needed that someone else put the food in their mouths. The russian revolution it wasnt a free thing, the russian aristocracy was worse than the british, and when they made a protest the zar simply gave the order of shooting the crowd with machine guns (thousands were killed), so JF really expected that we fell sorry for them? 

      Hundred of thousands of british men died during in the war, another thousands were cripled and by even that, people like Robert, Violet, Carson and Mary expected that those thousands comeback to the old days, and everyone else forgetting their sacrifice?

      Every point that Bunting made in the table were correct, the people, the common people were feed up with people like the Crawleys and wanted change, a more fair country. 

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    • What irritates me is how this clearly rather well-off girl goes down and patronises the working-classes by pretending to speak for them. Make no mistake, a girl who can drive that car on a school mistress' salary has a well-off daddy (or is living off immoral earnings- which I rather doubt).

      I would have loved to have seen her confronted with Thomas Barrow, who is genuine working class but also well read and knowledgeable about current events- and touchy!. She would so hate it if one of the proletariat actually out-argued her, rather than being thankful for her patronage. 

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    • we never know what was her background, besides she seemed to be a good teacher, for some reason (except that they needed to cast her out) she was offered a possition in a better school. I didnt found her speech or beliefs patronising, i found it rude with a lot of resentment.  But her points were true, in several times of the show, Robert and Violet complained how all was changing and didnt understand why some people wanted leave service (ex, Gwen).

      But anywhay, who in the show make something of herself without the help of some inheritance? Mary inherited all from her family and later Matthew, she sais that her job is working for Downton, but we see her hunting and having breakfast in the bed, going to London anytime she wants, etc; same with Edith, she inherited the magazine from Gregson. 

      The thing is that Bunting maybe is a middle class woman, and the middle class were more resenful of the aristocracy than the working class, mainly from their acces to education, etc. 

      I dint like the character, but it was so ovbious that JF tried (he always did from time to time) to show us how evils were the one who believed in left policies, oposite to the charm and justice of someone like Lord Grantham, the perfect torie. 

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    • Very good points about the middle class (and about Fellowes' politics). Another point about the  middle class has been a tendency to underestimate the intelligence and knowledge of the working class- which is why I  would love to see her pitted against Barrow. Working class-led education  was a big thise days- and I very much think Miss Bunting has a world-view in which it is all led from the middle class.

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    • I found Sarah Bunting to be extremely disrespectful in criticizing the lifestyle of the very people who were hosting her - bad manners. I understand her point of view, but she was out of line on how and where she expressed it. Also, the Crawleys were very accomodating to all those who needed them, including the people who served them. Why should they be criticised for being born into a privleged sitiuation? 

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    • To be fair to Sarah, she did not know the Crawleys or anything about their good sides. I agree with you though that it was rude of her to insult her hosts, and Robert was right to tell her off like he did.

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    • Furienna wrote:
      To be fair to Sarah, she did not know the Crawleys or anything about their good sides. I agree with you though that it was rude of her to insult her hosts, and Robert was right to tell her off like he did.

      Sarah was unable to separate them from their class, something Tom was able to do, otherwise he would never have fallen in love with Sybil (though Sarah did seem to respect and maybe even admire Sybil from what Tom told her about his wife).

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    • wrote:
      Sarah was unable to separate them from their class, something Tom was able to do

      To be fair, it took Tom  quite a while. The show starts in 1912, and it is only at the end of WWI that he and Sybil become a couple, and it is even until the 1920s that he becomes better acquainted with the other members of the Crawley family and gets to respect and love them. So, the comparison is a bit biased, timewise, for Sarah was only part of the series on 1922 and 1923.

      Apart from that, despite being rude and rather ineffective in her "political activism" (if it was that), and certainly prejudiced (which is the case for many characters at some point or the other), her stance is not that wrong.

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    • A Fandom user
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