• Can you please tell me the name of the piece that appears in Season 6, Episode 4 and is played during the scene when Lady Mary is in London and meets Henry Talbot for dinner. It especially crescendos while her cape is being taken off. I believe this piece has been played before in other episodes, perhaps Season 5, Episode 4, at the Fashion Show/Catwalk? I would greatly appreciate any and all help discovering what this beautiful song is! Thanks!

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    • I want to know that as well! I can't find it on iTunes

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    • The piece played during the dress show Mary attends in Series 5 is titled "Modern Love" by John Lunn, the composer for the program. Indeed, this same piece plays when Mary arrives at the Royal Automobile Club to dine with Henry. I hope this of some help to you!

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    • Music from Season 6, Episode 5

      ... Neville Chamberlain visits Downton for dinner, and is drawn into Violet’s plan to save the hospital, and in the last part Tom talk with Neville Chamberlain ..After Robert is taken to the hospital.... You know the music played during this moment??...thanks you! 

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