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Biographical information
Residence London, England
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair colour Dark
Family information
Family Unknown
Occupation taxi driver
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Jordan Long

A taxi driver is sitting in his taxi on Belgrave Square, when Rose MacClare comes out of the house of Rosamund Painswick, where she is staying while in London. She gets in the back of the taxi and tells him to take her to Warwick Square.

Later, Lady Rosamund, Matthew Crawley, and Edith Crawley are having dinner, having had to start without Rose. They are concerned, as she has left without telling anyone where she was going. A disturbance can be heard outside of the room. This turns out to be Mead the butler and the taxi driver. The taxi driver has come to the house to return the scarf which Lady Rose left in the back of his taxi, and Mead has insisted that the nervous man come into the dining room to tell everyone where he took Rose.

At Mead's urging, the driver tells them that he took Rose to "her friend" in Warwick Square, where he had to wait outside for two hours while they were together. He then drove them to a club called the Blue Dragon. When Rosamund asks him what sort of club it is, he replies nervously, "Well... you know." To which she replies somewhat upset, "That's the point. I don't."

Appearances Edit

Appearances and Mentions
Series 3 Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8
Christmas Special

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