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NN Spratt
Marital status Unknown
Residence Dower House
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair colour Dark
Family information
Family Niece
Niece's husband
Occupation Butler
Loyalty Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Jeremy Swift
Spratt: "Are you sure this isn't your idea? I wonder if you haven't pushed her ladyship into it so you could just show off in front of her."
Molesley: "Certainly not!"
Spratt: "I think it's my job you're after."
— Spratt confronts Joseph Molesley.[src]

Mr Spratt is Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham's butler.

Biography Edit

Series 4 Edit

In February 1922, the Dowager Countess invited Lady Shackleton to Downton, so that she can be impressed with Joseph Molesley's service skills and hire him, as Molesley had been out of a job since his employer died.

Spratt, however, thought Molesley was after his own job as the butler to the Dowager, and attempted to sabotage him during luncheon: at first, he startled him so that he almost let go of his tray; and then he handed him over a very hot plate. Lady Shackleton was not impressed, and presumed Molesley had not received proper training in service.

When certain items of value to the Dowager disappeared, she began to speculate that they were stolen by John Pegg, a young gardener Isobel persuaded her to take on, especially after Spratt mentions Pegg was the only one in a certain room at the time when she thinks at least one of the items went missing.

One of the items was found in a maid's cleaning bucket, and Spratt returned it to the Dowager. Isobel, outraged at Violet's accusations even after one of the items was missing, went into the Dower House one day when Violet was out and found the other missing item in one of the chairs. She gave it to Spratt before she left. Spratt brought Pegg back in when Isobel and Dr Clarkson were speaking to Violet.

Series 5 Edit

Violet hosts a luncheon party at which Isobel, Dr Clarkson, Lord Merton, and Lady Shackleton are present. Dr Clarkson repeatedly tries to get coffee from Spratt who avoids him. Violet later tells Spratt Clarkson would like some coffee and that he shouldn't be a "snob".

Later Spratt goes to Liverpool for the marriage of his niece, whom he has to walk down the aisle. Whilst in Liverpool, he sees Lady Mary with Lord Gillingham kissing and getting into the car and reported it to Violet.

When Violet hires Gladys Denker as her new lady's maid, Spratt does not get along with her. He has frequent rows with Denker, including one over the laundry of Her Ladyship's "smaller items", and calls her "untrainable".

Spratt eventually bursts into Lady Violet's sitting room saying he feels forced to hand in his notice due to the friction between him and Denker. The Dowager Countess, however, dismisses the outburst to Isobel Crawley as "simply a demonstration of discontent" and that if he had meant it, he would have given in his notice quietly for a good reference in return.

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