Simon Bricker
Biographical information
Residence England
Title(s) Mr. Bricker

Ghastly traveling salesman (by Robert Crawley
Ghastly art dealer (by Robert Crawley)

Physical information
Gender Male
Height 6'2" (1,88 m)
Hair colour Dark
Eye colour Blue
Occupation Art historian
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Richard E. Grant
"I think everything about Downton is beautiful."
—Simon to Lady Grantham[src]
Simon Bricker is an art historian and houseguest of the Crawley family who will appear in four episodes of Series 5 of Downton Abbey.

His appears in the 2nd episode of Series 5 and accompanies Charles Blake to Downton Abbey and flirts with Cora? when she shows him the "Della Francesca" painting and during dinner time. However Robert thinks that Bricker is flirting with his prized pet dog Isis and gets annoyed and tells Cora to tell her friend Simon to stop flirting with Isis.

He then appears again in episode three when Cora visits London and he takes her to an art museum. He tells Cora he is very interested in her views on the paintings and insists she has an instinct for the details. Cora accepts his invitation to dinner at the Ritz and they talk about Cora's first trip to London as Mr Bricker walks her home. Of course Robert is waiting, having travelled to London to surprise Cora and take her out for dinner. He is unable to believe that Mr Bricker only enjoyed Cora's views on paintings and makes sure Cora knows this. Until Simon illicitly without seeking any permission whatsoever, enters Cora's bedroom in his nightwear attire. Cora rebuffs him and orders him to leave her bedroom immediately as Robert had gone away to a cocktail party. But when Robert returns, he finds the 2 of them in his room and he gets terribly enraged. Simon has gone too far with his flirting and a fight ensues with him and Robert until Simon is tackled to the floor and he takes his leave for good.

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Appearances and Mentions
Series 5 Episode 1 Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7 Episode 8
Christmas Special

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