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Series 6
DOWNTON ABBEY Seri 3406755k
No. of episodes 8 + Christmas Special
Series premiere air date 20th September 2015 (UK)
3rd January 2016 (US)
Directors Minkie Spiro

Philip John
Michael Engler
David Evans

Series chronology
Series 5

Series 6 is the final series of the romantic-drama show, Downton Abbey.

It premiered in the UK on ITV Sunday September 20, 2015, and premiered in the US on PBS January 3, 2016.[1]

A feature film is said to be produced, due to increasingly popular demand and ratings.

Production Edit

Production on the sixth and final series started in early 2015[2].

Julian Fellowes has described the theme of this final series as "resolution".[3]

Synopsis Edit

The series picks up at least three to four months after the end of Series 5, early in the year of 1925. The final episode ends with the New Year 1926 party.

Rose Aldridge and her husband, and Tom Branson, and Sybbie Branson have all moved to America. Rose Aldridge and her Jewish husband have moved to New York, America and are assumed to be starting a family of their own. Tom Branson and his five-year-old daughter, Sybbie, soon return from Boston to stay.

Mary starts spending more time with Henry Talbot but is unsure as to her true romantic feelings for him; Tom is certain that she does indeed love him. Edith starts going off to London more frequently to develop her publishing company and ends up hiring a woman for her editor. She also renews her friendship with Bertie Pelham, the agent at Brancaster Castle, and start a romance together. Meanwhile, Anna and Bates are having complications of their own; Anna having suffered two miscarriages and afraid that she cannot bear children. Wanting to help, Mary has her see Dr Ryder who diagnoses her condition as "cervical incompetence" which can be treated with a stitch.

However, tensions begin to further escalate between Isobel, Violet and Cora about the Downton hospital being taken over by the British government in Yorkshire. In a desperate attempt to win everything over, Violet Crawley has the Minister of Health come for a dinner, which is tragically cut sort when Robert suddenly has a severe attack from a burst ulcer. One whole month later, the Crawleys make the decision to open the estate to the public for one day. Thomas Barrow begins to feel more isolated and lonely since he seems to be excluded from many things the servants' accomplish. He ultimately tries to take his own life by slashing his wrists, but is found by Ms Baxter, Andy and Mrs Hughes in time.

Edith's romance with Bertie grows stronger and he proposes. Edith desires to accept but wonders what to do about young Marigold's future. Bertie accepts in Marigold being "his ward" but a spiteful Mary reveals Marigold's identity as Edith's only illegitimate child and Bertie breaks off the engagement. At this, Tom Branson suddenly loses his cool and angrily chastises Mary for always ruining things, not only for her sister, but for herself. Edith and Mary have a heated dispute, to which Edith says how Henry Talbot is perfect for her, and always has been, before leaving for London. Knowing that she will be able to do something for the two sisters, Tom writes to Violet Crawley, who returns from her tour of southern France, to help heal the longtime breach between her two granddaughters. After a talk with Mary, she has her admit that the reason she staunchly refuses to have Henry Talbot as her second husband is due to her fear of losing him as she did Matthew. Violet assures Mary that she must make peace with her sister and than herself.

At Matthew Crawley's grave, Mary wonders if he would feel happy for her in choosing to marry another man, assuring that however much she loved Henry, she would always love him. Isobel is delighted of Mary's decision to marry again. Henry Talbot arrives and is puzzled at Mary's sudden decision to see him after she basically threw him out with her harsh words. Mary corrects this, admitting that she truly does love him in return and they agree to be married at the church. Edith arrives unexpectedly, and she and Mary reconcile.

Sometime in August, Edith offers to send Marigold to a boarding school in London, where she (Edith) will spend most her days alone in her flat. Henry is still brooding over losing his best friend at the race in Brooklyn and decides that he needs a job away from Downton; Tom decides to accompany him and they agree to keep it secret. Mary wonders why Henry feels listless and assures him of her enduring love for him. In London, he tells Edith that he is considering giving up car racing; for his own sake as much as Mary's. Edith receives a telegram from Rosamund to dine with her at the Ritz, but is shocked to see Bertie Pelham waiting for her.

Episodes Edit

  1. Episode 6.01
  2. Episode 6.02
  3. Episode 6.03
  4. Episode 6.04
  5. Episode 6.05
  6. Episode 6.06
  7. Episode 6.07
  8. Episode 6.08
  9. 2015 Christmas Special


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Downton Abbey Starts Sunday 20 September01:01

Downton Abbey Starts Sunday 20 September

ITV Season 6 Trailer

Downton Abbey, Final Season First Look01:01

Downton Abbey, Final Season First Look

PBS Season 6 Trailer

Downton Abbey ITV00:21

Downton Abbey ITV

Season 6 Taster


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