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N.N. Willis
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair colour Grey (balding)
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Howard Ward
Sgt. Willis: "Well somethings turned up, and before I take it any further, we're trying to establish its significance."
Mrs. Hughes: "But what is that? What's turned up?"
Sgt. Willis: "A witness"
Episode 5.02

Sergeant Willis is a policeman who is familiar with Charles Carson, the butler of Downton Abbey.

Biography Edit

1924 Edit

Willis came to Downton Abbey to ask questions regarding the death of Alex Green, who had stayed at Downton previously. He said that he had just been asked to know if anyone at Downton remembered Green. He also said that a witness came forward regarding the death of Green. Mrs. Hughes is deeply troubled, as she and Lady Mary Crawley suspect that John Bates was responsible for Green's death, as the latter had raped his wife Anna Bates. During his first visit, he questions John Bates. Willis later returns with Inspector Vyner to question Mary, Anna, and Phyllis Baxter.


Willis visits Downton Abbey again to inform Bates and Anna that someone else has confessed to the murder of Green. When this is confirmed to be true, he visits Downton with the good news. The servants and the family hastily arrange an on-the-spot ball, during which he dances with Mrs. Patmore.

Willis, around one month later, visits Septimus Spratt regarding the fact that Spratt's nephew has escaped prison and is on the run. Gladys Denker, who is also in the room, asks to stay. Willis agrees as the latter was going to question Denker as well. Willis asks if Spratt has seen his nephew recently. Spratt lies that he has not seen his nephew. Willis then asks Denker the same question. Denker, who has also seen Spratt's nephew, lies that she has not seen him. Willis then leaves.

Willis visits Baxter, and tells her that Peter Coyle has been arrested for theft, and that Baxter is asked to testify. Baxter is reluctant to do so, and Molesley and Willis both try to persuade her, but to no avail. Willis then visits Baxter again, and tells her that some of the women that Coyle used for his crimes were prostitutes now and that at least one of the women is dead. Baxter gives in.

Willis accompanies Baxter to Coyle's trial, but Coyle changed his plea and Baxter does not have to testify.

Willis then visits Beryl Patmore, and informs her that the first customers, Ian McKidd/Dr Fletcher and Mrs Dorrit/Mrs Fletcher, at her Bed and Breakfast were engaged in an adulterous affair. Mr Dorrit tried to sue Ian McKidd for having an affair with his wife, and that Mrs Patmore maybe would have to testify. He also says that her Bed and Brekfast would be labeled as "a house of ill repute" by the press. Soon after, Mr Dorrit withdraws the charge.

Appearances Edit

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