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Location information
Location Yorkshire, England
Use City
Inhabitants David Graves
Father Dominic

Ripon is a small market town and cathedral city in Borough of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England. It is the closest city to Downton Abbey, in the outskirts of Downton.

In the years shortly before the Great War, Matthew Crawley went to work in a partnership in Ripon, Harvell and Carter, dealing with "wills and conveyancing".

In around May, 1914, the Ripon constituency elected a new Member of Parliament, Joseph Gerald Antsy. The vote count ended up a riot when a group of socialist men caused trouble on the courtyard of the City Hall. Lady Sybil, who was attending, ended up breaking her head when she was knocked against a table when they started fighting with Matthew.

Anna Smith and John Bates also married in the Ripon Register Office, in 1919.

Robert also helps Freddie Moorsum get a scholarship to Ripon Grammar School.

Tom Branson's daughter was christened at Ripon's Catholic church.

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