N.N. Bates
Mrs bates
Biographical information
Died 1916
Marital status Widow
Residence London, England
Physical information
Gender Female
Hair colour Gray
Family information
Family John Bates (son)
Mr Bates (husband)
Vera Bates (daughter-in-law) †
Anna Bates (daughter-in-law)
Unnamed grandson
Unnamed mother (née Keith)
Loyalty John Bates
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Jenna Wenham
Mrs Hughes: "You're as white as a sheet."
John Bates: "It's my wonderful complexion, inherited from my Irish mother."
Bates and Mrs Hughes in 1913[src]

Mrs Bates was the half-Irish/half-Scottish mother of John Bates. She lived in London.


Anna Smith, who worked alongside her son at Downton Abbey, visited her in 1914. Anna was in London with Beryl Patmore, who was seeing an eye doctor, but she was also trying to find out the truth about John and his criminal past. Mrs Bates, upon meeting Anna, told her the truth: the true criminal was her daughter-in-law, Vera Bates. She said her son felt guilty for her ways, but she felt Vera was bad from the start. Anna later told Robert Crawley what she learned. John later informed Anna that his mother "liked her".


Sometime after the outbreak of the Great War, but before November 1916, Mrs Bates died. She left her son money, "more than I (John) thought." John went to London for his mother's funeral then returned to Downton. Vera also learned of Anna's visit to Mrs Bates before her death.


In September 1921, when John and Anna (who was now John's wife) are going with the Crawley family to Duneagle Castle in Scotland, he reveals his mother's mother was Scottish, a Keith. In 1923 John remarked to Mrs Hughes that he had not been to London since he buried his mother (though she suspects he came earlier to take revenge on valet Green because he attacked Anna).

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