N.N. Skinner
Biographical information
Residence England
Title(s) Mr Skinner
A petulant and overweight tyrant (by Edith Crawley)
Attilla the Hun (by Edith Crawley)
Physical information
Gender Male
Occupation Editor at The Sketch (formerly)
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Paul Putner
Mr Skinner is an editor for a short time at The Sketch, who replaces the late Michael Gregson. Skinner causes problems for Lady Edith but is soon fired.

History Edit

1925 Edit

Mr Skinner is the chief editor at Edith Crawley's magazine, The Sketch. Lady Edith says that Mr Skinner does not like working for a woman. Lady Edith, after receiving countless complaints from Skinner, travels to London to only be yelled at further by Skinner, who criticizes everything that she does at The Sketch.

Edith travels to London again, and she bluntly tells Skinner that he can work with her, or leave. She also notices that he has not completed the things required to be done for a printing of the magazine, which was due to be ready in less than twelve hours. After leaving in a fury, Edith replaces Skinner with Laura Edmunds, as editor. She and Laura bond instantly, due to their similar ages, and they discover they work well together.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Appearances Edit

Appearances and Mentions
Series 6 Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Christmas Special

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