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Mr Bromidge
Physical information
Gender Male
Family information
Family Mother
Occupation Telephone supplier
Mr Bromidge: "Ah, so, young lady, you thought I'd turn up my nose at a housemaid."
Gwen: "I did, sir."
Mr Bromidge: "Well, my mother was a housemaid. I've got nothing against housemaids. They know about hard word and long hours, that's for sure."
— Mr Bromidge agrees to test Gwen Dawson to be his secretary.[src]
Mr Bromidge was a man who owned a telephone fitting company in the 1910s. He oversaw the installation of two telephones at Downton Abbey in 1914. While at Downton Abbey, Sybil hears him mention that he is looking to hire on a secretary and she recommends Gwen Dawson.  

Mr Bromidge correctly guesses that Gwen thinks that he will look down at her for only being a housemaid. He assures he will not as he is very aware how hard housemaids work since his own mother was also one. He interviews her in the library. Robert is surprised when told that he cannot enter the room as the maid is getting a job interview.

Mr Bromidge telephones Downton Abbey during a garden party and so Branson answers and excitedly gives the message to both Sybil and Gwen that Gwen has been hired. It was also the same day that Great Britain declared war on Germany.

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