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Male Heckler
Biographical information
Marital status Unknown
Residence Yorkshire, England
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair colour Dark / Graying
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Greg Hobbs
Liberal Candidate: "Last June saw Emily Davison crushed to death beneath the hooves of the king’s horse! Will the summer of 1914 prove as fatal for the hopes of women? It cannot! This historic by-election can be the first step of the journey to women’s equality!"
Female Heckler: "If you’re so keen on women’s rights, let a woman speak!"
Male Heckler: "But why stop there? Let’s get the dogs up and listen to them bark!"
Episode 1.06

The Male Heckler responds to a Female Heckler who is in turn responding to the Liberal Candidate speaking in Thirsk and pomoting women's rights. Sybil Branson, Tom Branson and Isobel Crawley are in attendance.


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