Mabel Foyle née Lane Fox
Viscountess Gillingham
Biographical information
Marital status Married to Anthony Foyle, Viscount Gillingham
Residence England
Title(s) Viscountess Gillingham
Lady Gillingham
Miss Lane Fox (formerly)
The Honorable Mabel Lane Fox (formerly)
Physical information
Gender Female
Height 5'5" (1,65 m)
Hair colour Dark brown
Eye colour Blue
Family information
Family Lord Osweston (father)
Lady Osweston (mother)
Immediate Anthony Foyle (husband)
Loyalty Anthony Foyle
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Catherine Steadman
"You seem to suggest I should take the discarded leavings of Lady Mary Crawley, dust off the fluff, and put them on my own plate!"
—Mabel Lane Fox to Charles Blake[src]

Mabel Foyle, Viscountess Gillingham (née The Honourable Mabel Lane Fox) is the only daughter of the late Lord Osweston, and the wife of Anthony Foyle, Viscount Gillingham.

Biography Edit

1922 Edit

Lady Mary Crawley refers to Miss Lane Fox as "the greatest heiress of the season." Lord Gillingham became engaged to her after recently-widowed Mary turned down his proposal. Mary's family was surprised when the engagement was announced, as they were certain Gillingham was keen on her. Mary however was not ready to move on from the death of her husband Matthew.

When Gillingham visited Downton Abbey again, various members of the Crawley family pondered over his appearance, wondering what Miss Lane Fox's opinion was. What they did not know was that Gillingham, still eager to pursue Mary and not in love with Mabel, had called off the engagement.

1924 Edit

Mabel is introduced to Mary by Charles Blake during a dress show in London, and acts very hostile towards Mary. After some time Lady Mary refuses Lord Gillingham. She and Lord Gillingham attend Lady Rose's wedding, also they say they are engaged and to be married in December in London. Lady Mary and Tom are invited to the wedding.

Notes Edit

  • Because Mabel is an Honourable and not Lady, just like Madeleine Allsopp her late father must have also been a baron or a viscount.


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