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Mr BrockitEdit

Mr Brockit was Downton Abbey's Head Gardener from at least 1913. Lady Grantham asked Mr, Molesley whether he could reveal his secrets about his rose bloom at the "Downton Village: 1913 Flower Show".


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Mrs ButteEdit

Mrs Butte is the housekeeper at Grantham House in London. She was taken ill with Scarlet Fever in summer 1923, prior to the arrival of the Crawley family for the London season and for Rose's coming out. This required Mrs Hughes to go to London to run the house. Later in 1924, Mrs Hughes mentions that Mrs Butte has resigned.


Mrs. Hughes: "You will never guess what has happened now. Mrs Butte has been taken ill, and she won't be back for weeks."
Daisy: "What does that mean?"
Mrs. Hughes: "They want me in London to take over, and that's not all, they've asked for you to go with me."
— 2013 Christmas Special
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The Crawleys DentistEdit

The Crawleys' dentist was the dental surgeon that served the Crawleys whenever needed. He was, according to Lady Mary Crawley, their dentist ever since she was a child, and he received their patronage in a matter of tradition, not preference, as she regarded him as "horrid".



Mary: "I wish I shared your enthusiasm. Our dentist is horrid."
Kemal Pamuk: "Well, why go to him, then?"
Mary: "Well, he treated all of us when we were children. You know how the English are about these things."
— An exchange between Lady Mary and Kemal Pamuk, over dinner at Downton Abbey.[src]
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Gertie Edit

Gertie (Gertrude presumably), is a maid taking over sometime after the departure of Ivy Stuart, and is normally responsible for tending the fires. Daisy is met by Cora one morning tending to the fires, and informs her that Gertie is taken ill, hence the reason Daisy is doing it.

Cora: "Daisy, you don't do the bedroom fires these days do you?"
Daisy: "Not as a rule m'Lady, no. But Gertie is unwell and we don't have a proper scullery maid any more."
Cora: "I'm afraid I am not usually up early enough to know that."
Episode 6.03
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Fräulein KelderEdit

Fräulein Kelder was mentioned by Edith Crawley to Major Gordon. She was Edith and Mary Crawley's governess when they were children. When Major Gordon was trying to convince Edith that he is actually her cousin Patrick Crawley, she shows him a place on the estate where she, Mary and Patrick used to hide. Major Gordon asks if there was a governess that none of them liked and Edith giggles and says, "Fräulein Kelder."

Mary, unaware of this exchange, later says that hiding from the nasty governess would be the kind of memory anybody would expect from a childhood spend in a place like Downton Abbey.


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Mr PattinsonEdit

Mr Pattinson is the Crawley librarian mentioned by Robert Crawley to Michael Gregson.


Michael: "Edith tells me there's a Gutenberg Bible."
Robert: "Yes, it's a shame our librarian Mr Pattinson is not here. He's the only one who knows where anything is."
— Episode 4.03
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Mrs PotterEdit

Mrs Potter is the cook for Violet Crawley at the Dower House in 1924.

Spratt: "Mrs Crawley said how much she loved the evening, m'Lady. "
Violet: "It was colourful. Thank Mrs Potter for the delicious dinner, but please tell her I need a rest from such rich delights."
2014 Christmas Special
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Simmons was Violet Crawley's lady's maid. Acting odd, Violet suspects Simmons will leave her which she finds was right as Simmons quits to get married. Violet considers this very selfish. Violet asks Cora Crawley help in hiring a replacement for Simmons. Sarah O'Brien overheads Violet and Cora discussing responses to an advertisement Cora put in The Lady which O'Brien mistakenly believes is about her.



Violet: "I have a horrible feeling Simmons is about to hand in her notice. She's looking very fidgety lately, and I saw her hurrying to meet the postman."
Cora: "Oh, you poor thing. Is there anything worse than losing one's maid?"
Violet: "Why would she want to leave me? I've been as gentle as a lamb. Most of the time."
— Violet speculating on her lady's maid's odd behaviour[src]
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Smithers is a ladies maid of Violet Crawley.

When Violet sent money to Sybil Branson and Tom Branson to come to England for Matthew Crawley and Mary Crawley's wedding, Smithers wrote the letter for her along with it. Violet credits her when Sybil remarked the letter she received was not her grandmother's handwriting.

Violet says: "like all ladies maids she lives for intrigue."

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Mr StarkEdit

Mr Stark was The Crawley's Chauffeur. He become under Downton's employment after former chauffeur Tom Branson left with Lady Sybil. He is still working at Downton in 1924.


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Mr WatsonEdit

Mr Watson was Robert Crawley's valet. He left Robert's employ and was temporarily replaced as valet by Thomas Barrow until Mr Watson's permanent replacement, John Bates, arrived in April 1912. John also moved into Watson's former room. Elsie Hughes mentioned that Mr. Watson left the room in quite a state.


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Mrs YardleyEdit

Mrs Yardley was a cook at Downton when Robert was a small boy and would let him hide in the kitchen when he was in trouble.


Cora: "Don't eat anything that is meant for tomorrow."
Robert: "Now this takes me back. Did I ever tell you about our cook when I was a boy? Mrs Yardley."
— Episode 6.01
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