Lachlan Nieboer
Tumblr ls5edl1N5o1qahxbco1 500
Character Edward Courtenay
Birthday September 11th, 1981
Birthplace Epsom, England, United Kingdom
IMDB Profile Lachlan Nieboer at the Internet Movie Database
Appearances Episode 2.02

Lachlan Nieboer (born 11th September, 1981; Epsom, England) is the British film and television actor who appeared as Edward Courtenay in Downton Abbey.

He was at Oxford University taking Classics, before going to the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York to study acting. He was in the TV series "Torchwood" as Captain Jack Harkness' missing brother Gray, and in the documentary "Torchwood Declassified". He also starred in the feature film "Into the White" with Rupert Grint, as well as short film "Heartland".

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