Jubilee Dance Hall
Location information
Location York, Yorkshire, England
Use Dance Hall
Affiliation York

The Jubilee Dance Hall is a working class meeting place in the city of York. Rose talk's Anna into chaperoning her after getting permission from Mary. Anna considers it an inappropriate venue for someone of Rose's station, but gives into Rose's enthusiasm for the "one step".

Rose flirts with Samuel Thawley, a local gardener who gets into a fight with another man vying for Rose's attention. Fortunately Jimmy happened to see Rose and Anna go into the hall and manages to whisk them away before they get hurt and before the police arrive.

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Behind-the-Scenes Edit

The tea dance was actually shot in a Victorian music hall in east London. Hoxton Hall has been a gospel church, an air-raid shelter, a café for pensioners, a playgroup, a theatre, a wedding venue, an art gallery and a youth arts centre. “It was great taking Downton to Hackney rather than swanky Mayfair!” says Locations Manager Mark Ellis.

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