John Ward
Biographical information
Born 21 November, 1866
Died 19 December, 1934
Marital status Married
Title(s) Mr Ward, MP

Order of the Bath
Order of St. Michael and St, George

Military career Lieutenant-Colonel
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair colour Dark, balding
Family information
Family Lilian Elizabeth Gibbs (wife)
Occupation Member of Parliament
Loyalty Liberals
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Stephen Crichtlow

John Ward, MP (21 November, 1866 – 19 December, 1934) was a British politician and a Coalition Liberal Member of Parliament in the early 1920s.

In 1922, he led a lecture at the Town Hall in Ripon, about the split between H. H. Asquith and Lloyd George. Isobel Crawley invited Tom Branson to attend with her, but she was ultimately unable to go as she was nursing Lady Violet, who had come down with bronchitis. Branson went alone and met Sarah Bunting there; when Bunting offered Branson the chair next to her, John Ward jokingly announced to the hall that "we've been made privy to a very romantic story".

Behind the scenesEdit

  • John Ward was a real-life English politician, trade union leader and soldier.


Appearances and Mentions
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Episode 8 Christmas Special

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