John Drake
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Biographical information
Marital status Married
Physical information
Gender Male
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Blue
Family information
Family Mrs. Drake - wife
Several children
Occupation Farmer
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Fergus O'Donnell

John Drake is a farmer on the estate of the Earl of Grantham at Longfield Farm. He is married with several young children.


Series OneEdit

In March 1913, he is diagnosed as suffering from dropsy of the heart and is certain to die. Isobel Crawley knows of a cure, but as a modern medical technique, Dr. Clarkson is less familiar with it and is reluctant to try it. Her determination to treat the man piques the ire of Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham, and preparing for a showdown, Violet shows up at Mr. Drake's bedside only to witness the procedure and its unmitigated success.

Series TwoEdit

During the First World War with most of the men away fighting, Mr. Drake needs help on his farm. Lady Edith Crawley has recently learned to drive and she volunteers to drive their tractor. Over the next few weeks she continues to help while Drake has taken a liking to her. One evening Drake kisses her and Lady Edith is pleased, while Mrs Drake secretly witnesses the kiss. Soon after, Lord Grantham receives a note from Mrs Drake thanking Edith, but informing them that they have hired a man to drive the tractor.

Appearances Edit

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