Henry Talbot
Henry Talbot
Biographical information
Marital status Married to Lady Mary Talbot née Crawley
Residence Downton Abbey, Downton, Yorkshire, England
London, England (formerly)
Title(s) Mr Talbot
Physical information
Gender Male
Height 6'2" (1,88 m)
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Green
Family information
Immediate Lady Mary Talbot (wife)
George Crawley (stepson)
Unnamed parents †
Unborn child (with Mary)
Lady Shackleton (maternal aunt)
Hubert, Lord Shackleton (maternal uncle) †
Philip, Lord Shackleton (cousin)
Philip's wife, Lady Shackleton (cousin-in-law)
Tom Branson (brother-in-law)
Edith Pelham (sister-in-law)
Sybil Branson (sister-in-law) †
Sybbie Branson (marital niece)
Marigold (marital niece)
Robert Crawley (father-in-law)
Cora Crawley (mother-in-law)
Rosamund Painswick (aunt-in-law)
Marmaduke Painswick (uncle-in-law) †
Violet Crawley (grandmother-in-law)
Martha Levinson (grandmother-in-law)
Isidore Levinson (grandfather-in-law) †
Occupation Co-owner of Talbot and Branson Motors
Loyalty Mary Talbot
George Crawley
Tom Branson
Charlie Rogers
Lady Shackleton
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Matthew Goode
"While driving, I wasn't an equal match but I was an eccentric, maybe even exciting, choice. But now I'm just a poor man being supported by a rich wife and that's not what I want for you."
—to his wife, Lady Mary Talbot[src]

Henry Talbot is the nephew of Lady Shackleton, a longtime friend of Violet Crawley. During a visit to Brancaster Castle, Henry catches the eye of Violet's eldest granddaughter, Lady Mary Crawley, and eventually marries her in late summer 1925, and becomes stepfather to Mary's four-year-old son, George Crawley.

Biography Edit


His father, Mr Talbot, is a member of a junior branch of the Talbot family that is headed by the Earl of Shrewsbury; before Henry's father are thirty-eight other men to inherit.

Henry's father had been a member of Parliament, and his uncle is a bishop.

Quotes Edit

"He's nice. He likes cars, and he's mad about you. I rest my case"
—Tom Branson to Lady Mary about Henry Talbot


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