Edith Pelham's Flat
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Location information
Location London, England
Use Residential house
Owner Edith Pelham
Michael Gregson (formerly)
Inhabitants Edith Pelham
Tenant (formerly)
Michael Gregson (formerly)

Edith Pelham's Flat was the London home of Michael Gregson, where Edith Crawley spends time with him in 1922, first at a party with several of his literary friends (including Virginia Woolf and Lytton Strachey), then later with just Michael as they discuss plans of their future life together.

The flat is now owned by Edith Pelham. Since confirmation of Gregson's death, she had been renting it out to a tenant. But when the tenant decided to move out in 1925, she contemplated on whether or not to rent it out again, but ultimately decided to keep it empty and use it herself, staying there instead of with Rosamund Painswick when she had to deal with her editor, Mr Skinner. Later she showed the flat to Herbert Pelham, where they shared their first kiss. Her brother-in-law Henry Talbot stayed there with her later that year.


  • Given that Edith inherited the flat as well as the publishing company from Gregson, it is likely (but remains unconfirmed) that he left them to her in his will along with his money and possessions.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The flat is in London’s Notting Hill on a tree-lined street where the white stucco-fronted Victorian villas now sell for millions. The building the production had in mind had never been used for television before and placating the local residents’ committee and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Film Office proved to be Locations Manager Mark Ellis’s toughest challenge to date. Then he had to bring in furniture and redecorate. “They had to do a good job because everything is filmed in HD nowadays,” he says, “We haven’t repainted it yet. They’re going to let me know in December if they want it painted back or not.”
  • The grey geometric paintings in the apartment are in the style of the modernist Vorticism movement from that time, and were chosen (along with the pale walls and modern sculpture) to starkly contrast the setting of Downton Abbey.

Appearances and MentionsEdit

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