Robert: "We have some land further north at Eryholme, on the border with Durham. It came with my great-grandmother. The house is pretty and we might make something of it."
Cora: "We could always rename it Downton Place."
— Robert suggestion of where the family will live after having to sell Downton Abbey[src]
Downton Place

The family picnicking at Downton Place.

Downton Place is the name Cora suggests for renaming of a 18th-century manor house owned by Robert; what the actual name of the manor house is is unknown.

The house and the land is in Eryholme and became part of the estate through Robert's great-grandmother's inheritance. Violet says her husband used to go there to hunt and they would have a luncheon there. Robert rents out the property. Violet tells Isobel that the house is nice as a retreat from the world but she doesn't see it suitable for anything else.

When Robert's bad investiments wipe out Cora's fortune and he can no longer afford to maintain Downton Abbey, he suggests they might relocate to the house and Cora likes the idea of renaming it "Downton Place." The family goes for a pinic there to discuss the idea of moving there more. Matthew gives his inheritance from Reggie Swire to Robert so that he does not have to sell Downton Abbey.

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