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Crawley House
Crawley House
Location information
Location Downton, Yorkshire, England
Use Residential house
Inhabitants Isobel Crawley

Matthew Crawley (formerly)
Violet's mother-in-law (formerly)

Cora: "We were just saying how charming this room is now."
Violet: "It always seemed rather dark when my mother-in-law lived here. But then she made everything rather dark."
— Cora and Violet greeting Matthew[src]

Crawley House is a house in Downton, Yorkshire, in which Matthew and Isobel Crawley went to live after the former's announcement as the heir to the Earl of Grantham's estate after the death of Patrick Crawley aboard the RMS Titanic. Crawley House had been uninhabited prior to their arrival, since the death of Violet's mother-in-law.[1] Matthew moves out of Crawley House and goes to live permanently at Downton in Season Three, after marrying Mary.

It is located by a public square, opposite the local church and graveyard. 

Behind the scenesEdit


  1. In Episode 1.02, Violet claimed that her mother-in-law "made everything dark" when she lived in Crawley House.

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