Brooklands Race Track
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Henry Talbot (racer)
Charlie Rogers (racer; killed)
Racing commentator
Tom Branson (spectator)
Mary Crawley (spectator)
Edith Crawley (spectator)
Bertie Pelham (spectator)
Robert Crawley (spectator)
Cora Crawley (spectator)
Rosamund Painswick (spectator)
Laura Edmunds (spectator)
Bertie Pelham (spectator)
John Bates (spectator)
Anna Bates (spectator)
Phyllis Baxter (spectator)

Brooklands Race Track in 1925 is a 2.75-mile (4.43 km) motor racing circuit and aerodrome built near Weybridge in Surrey, England, United Kingdom. It opened in 1907 and was the world's first purpose-built motor racing circuit as well as one of Britain's first airfields, which also became Britain's largest aircraft manufacturing centre by 1918.[1]

Henry Talbot and Charles Rogers are entered in the race, while most of the Crawley family, Bertie Pelham and Laura Edmunds are spectators. Charlie Rogers is killed in an accident during the race.

Appearances and MentionsEdit

Appearances and Mentions
Series 6 Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8 Christmas Special

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Club House Brooklands - - 473347

The Club House Brooklands. This is the clubhouse from where the wealthy and influential would watch motor car racing in the 1920's. Brooklands was developed in 1907 by Hugh Locke King.

The circuit hosted its last race in 1939 and today part of it forms the Brooklands Museum, a major aviation and motoring museum, as well as a venue for vintage car, motorcycle and other transport-related events.


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