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A bagpipe player was among the servants at Duneagle Castle, Scotland in the employ of Hugh MacClare.

2012 Christmas Special Edit

The bagpipe player paraded through the dining room at Duneagle right before the MacClare family and their Crawley relatives began the first dinner of their holiday. Robert Crawley commented that it was marvelous, though only he and a few, including butler McCree thought so. Others, including Matthew Crawley were mildly annoyed.

Hugh's wife Susan MacClare warned that the piper would wake them up again at eight the following morning, while her daughter Rose added he would keep it up through breakfast. Hugh joked then that the chances of going back to sleep were nill.

Robert nevertheless nostalgically proclaimed he was glad to see the old ways being maintained at Duneagle. He was not enthusiastic however when the piper played the following morning, as he tried to put a pillow over his head to block the noise. His wife Cora whispered to him, "Welcome to Scotland."

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