Anna May Bates née Smith
Biographical information
Born 1886 (age 40)
Marital status Married to John Bates
Residence Downton, Yorkshire, England
Title(s) Mrs Bates
Miss Smith (before marriage)
My darling (by John Bates)
Physical information
Gender Female
Height 5'2" (1,57 m)
Hair colour Blond
Eye colour Blue
Family information
Family John Bates (husband)
Unnamed son
Mr Smith (father)
Mrs Smith (mother)
Unnamed sister
Unnamed stepfather
Occupation Lady's Maid
Head Housemaid (formerly)
Loyalty John Bates
Mary Crawley
Crawley Family
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Joanne Froggatt

Anna May Bates (née Smith) (b. 1886) was head housemaid at Downton Abbey and is currently lady's maid to Lady Mary Crawley. She is also the wife of John Bates. She gave birth to their son on New Year's Eve, 1925.

Physical Appearance Edit

Anna is considered perhaps the prettiest of the female servants. She has blond hair, fair skin, and midnight blue eyes. She is petite, slim, and of a medium height. As a servant she is mostly seen in her black lady's maid attire and on her days off she wears brighter colours and floral patterns.

Personality Edit

Anna is the epitome of a good servant. She is loyal to a fault and a kind friend to the Crawley family, especially Lady Mary. They deeply respect and hold a strong regard for her in return. Despite all the devastation and uncanny bad fortune Anna and her beloved Mr Bates have suffered, she continues to be a thoughtful, compassionate, positive and resilient woman.

Biography Edit

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