Andrew Parker
Biographical information
Born 1907 (age 19)[1]
Residence Downton Abbey, Downton, Yorkshire
London (formerly)
Title(s) Andrew
Physical information
Gender Male
Height 6' 2"
Hair colour Dark
Eye colour Brown
Family information
Family Unknown
Occupation Footman
Hall boy (formerly)
Loyalty Thomas Barrow
Daisy Mason (romantic interest)
Mr Mason
Anna Bates
Miss Baxter
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Michael Fox
Thomas Barrow: "How did Mr Carson find you?"
Andrew: "I was working as a hall boy. Mr Carson rang my old butler to see if he had any ideas."
Episode 5.08

Andrew "Andy" Parker is a temporary footman hired in the summer of 1924 to work at Grantham House in London for the week of Lady Rose's wedding. He officially joins the staff at Downton Abbey as the second footman sometime before Christmas of that same year.


Andrew fooled around at school and never learned to write anything more than his own name or how to read.


Andrew is hired by Charles Carson to work the week of Rose Aldridge's wedding at Grantham House. He was formerly a hall boy, but wants to become a footman now. Gladys Denker takes advantage of him to go out drinking, but Thomas Barrow comes to his rescue, teaching Denker a lesson in the process.

2014 Christmas SpecialEdit

Mr. Carson overhears the news of Lord Grantham's della Francesca painting selling "amazingly well" and takes advantage of this news to hire a new footman at Downton Abbey. Thomas Barrow asks Mr Carson to hire Andrew for the job as footman. Mr Carson had expressed doubts about Andrew's suitability to fill the new footman post (because of the gambling-club incident), but Elsie Hughes, Barrow, and Daisy Mason urged him to give the Andrew a second chance.


Andrew serves drinks before the fox hunt to the hunters. He appears to have been warned off Thomas by Mr Carson, Mrs Hughes, and Mrs Patmore. During an informal ball in the servant's hall, he dances with Daisy.

Andy tries to break ties with Thomas, due to Mr Carson, Mrs Hughes, and Mrs Patmore informing Andy that Thomas is a homosexual.

Andy helps Mr Mason move into Yew Tree Farm. He volunteers to help Mr Mason take care of Downton's pigs.

He later reveals to Thomas that he can write no more than his own name, which was all that was needed to get into service, and Thomas offers to teach him to read and write. Andy later apologizes to Thomas about the former's unfair treatment of him.


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  • It is possible Andy may be dyslexic, given his trouble reading or writing anything other than his name.

External LinksEdit

  1. Get ready to say goodbye: First photos from 'Downton Abbey' Season 6 are here at Mashable


  1. Mrs Patmore (in 6.05) says that Andy has "never before stepped off paved ground" for "eighteen years" implying that he is 18 years old in 1925

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