Alastair Bruce
PBS Alastair Bruce
Birthday 25 June 1960
Birthplace Winchester, Hampshire, England
IMDB Profile Alastair Bruce at the Internet Movie Database
First appearance Series 1
Last appearance 2015 Christmas Special

Alastair Bruce is the historical advisor for the Downton Abbey series. Bruce has had a cameo role in all six series of the programme. His appearance as Lord Chamberlain in the 2013 Christmas Special of Series 4 was his first speaking part in the series.

In Series 1, he appears as a butler in the Dower House, in Series 2 as a soldier accompanying General Strutt, and in Series 3 as the river ghillie and stalker for Duneagle Castle. In Series 4, he appears as Lord Chamberlain at Buckingham Palace. In Series 5, he appears in military garb alongside Robert, as he officiates the unveiling of the Downton war memorial. In the holiday episode of Series 6 he appeared as a butler at Brancaster Castle.

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