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Series four theories and speculation - new trailer released! (SPOILERS!)

01:02 Downton Abbey Series 4 trailer, ITV
So, we've all seen the new trailer then! What does everyone else think? What are everyone's theories for what we might see in the new series having seen the trailer?
It looked to me at one point in the trailer that Jimmy and Ivy were dancing in the kitchen and later got caught kissing by the new valet Green - did I see that right? And I'm guessing that might be the cause of Daisy's tears.
There also seems to be a prison visit for Mrs Hughes (at least it looked like a prison to me) was it Joe Burns she was visiting?
There was also Tom Branson kissing someone unless I'm much mistaken, not sure who that was! More kissing, as there was also a short glimpse of Edith kissing Michael Gregson, I can't wait to see how their story unfolds. I'm wondering if he still has a secret or if she might leave home to live "in sin" with him.
There also seems to be troubled times ahead for Anna and John Bates, I'm still not convinced that he didn't kill his wife. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see a much darker side to him in this series.
They also seem to be hinting at there being a romance between Rose MacClare and Jack Ross, that should cause some drama! And was that Rose involved in the fight scene we saw?
I'm also betting we get some very touching scenes involving Mary, she was crying on Carson's shoulder at one point, and Violet was giving her advice. I just hope the whole series isn't mired down too much in grieving too much for Matthew.
I've just got one complaint about the trailer - not enough Thomas!
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